Friday, December 30, 2011

30 Dec 2011

Blissful day i shall say :) After so long, i finally have a date with 2 of my besties! So happpy <3 Have breakfast with my sister along. After that, we headed to ou.. not to shop, we just want some place to chit chat :D

lunch at delicious :)

girlfriends in the car :D

xingti is so cuteee

kc my dear <3
Dont be sad, we're here with you.

After that, xingti dropped me to damansara club to meet my hubby boy and his siblings :D

austin epic face :D

  how nice if i'm on the beach

I cant wait for tomorrow's party at bryan's house! Party ftw !!
The best part is i can end my 2011 and start my 2012 with my boyfriend :) arghh, cant wait to see fireworks! Must be so pretty :3

Waiting for ken's photo, i wanna blog bout my hubby;s 19th too :P


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