Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Halloween Night - SQM 2010

Oh yeah! it was the Halloween Night =D & we had a gathering, too bad it was not costume-make-up party but just a ordinary gathering @ MOMO PARADISE with the SQMs =D
Free dinner to repay our hardwork :D

the ladies & gent :D

kahchuah moi xuxu ! =D

my ngooi xing ti :D

the first time i saw xuxu so lady TT :D

lao munn munn :D:D

ace :)

what can we do when girls are all around?
camwhore for sure lahh =D

chuah chuah :D:D

thanks for the cute stone =D
everyone is so happy!

miss ice-cream can nvr get rid of ice-cream :P

& we met lao hann there too :D
i miss you la buddy!!

meng wei & kah chuah :D rockaarr huh? :P

chuah mengwai moi :D
i love my skinny with my shoes! too bad i got no long legs :(

the men :)

d camwhore kaki :D:D
credits to her for the pretty photos :)

IM gonna end this post with the photo i love the most!!! =D
omg i love the butts :)))

im gonna miss the days as the sqm so much :)
skip classes, tidy up the field for sports events, laughing, camwhoring, fooling around with friends =)
SQM brought me a lot of high school memories :D thanks thanks thanks!!

study time :)

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