Sunday, September 19, 2010

emotionally distracted

Oh recently oh recently, i think im sick. Mentally sick. I got over-joy, over-pissed, over-moody, over-upset. FML
i dont know why this happen. Im so sensitive in things ;( that makes me feel so so bad.

my tear are valueable last time, but i dont dhk it is now.
my pillows are wet at night at most of the time, i just dont know why
i think bout so many bad stuffs that happens on me, family, friends, love, whats more? study.

Im so pissed. i hate myself sometimes
i need someone to rely on, i need that person so much
and i carve for it. i hope there'll be someone for me when im sad, i need someone to talk to, i need someone to comfort me HAHAHAH what's happening on me?
this year suppose to be a good year but why? what's going on with me? i just dont know

hahaha, my family
i got so speechless to them for being not understanding, selfish, self-esteem and etc
yea, im not a good child. your target is so damn high, i dont think teenagers now can reach it
im a outgoing person but i've controlled myself not to go out tat frequent already? what r u still blaming? did you see kids outside now? will you be a lil bit grateful for what im being now?
my attitude, you guys blame me for that.
i was just trying to protect myself, im not wrong, i wanna explain, but u guys just judge base on what u see! today incident as example
i help grandma to change her meal to chicken chop without sauce. i told that stupid white lady exactly what grandma wants and i RECOMFIRM already, i just dont know why the food came in different way. And what u did to me? scold me immediately..fark.
this is not my prob at all ! thanks god i stil have a sister who understand me well
we both cried in double one restaurant in the morning and the crowd is staring

friends, thanks god we all pass the hard days together.
xingti and kahchuah are the one who forever give me supports and love
i love you guys

love, i dhk im annoying.

spm is coming
i dhk im stress

can i have a better life?
fark it


Mei Yan said...

be happy sweetie ^^

Chiann Vern; Joyce said...
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绮盼 said...

cheer =]
Everything will be fine after all.. Gambate!

Chiann Vern; Joyce said...

Darling GIRL!
CHEER UP! :) BE HAPPY & Enjoy life to the fullest!

I love the JoEeeeee that always has a smile on her face :) <3

aHsoOn said...

all the best =DD laojo!

Monster said...