Tuesday, September 21, 2010


AHA, time flies, im having exam this thursday! WOHOOO so fast ._.
graduation day, soon also ! Gah, honestly.. I love my school life.
Im happy whenever im with my friends =)
christine yo kah mun is the fella who makes me laughing like hell in class :)
few years sitting tgther in the class, love her :)

Im may not update my blog so frequent now my dearest friends,
i have no a camera & i will be busy for my exams :)
so, do visit here http://monster-jojo.tumblr.com/
i will post up some pretty photos and some pretty quote daily =)
and follow me @ http://twitter.com/Monsterjojo327

Im glad to have you in life

with loads of love,


KaHyEnG said...

i love peter pan!!

Sammy said...

kay yeng abandoned me today even though she saw me ;(

KaHyEnG said...

what?? i did stop by, you asked me go woh..