Monday, September 13, 2010

HAHAHAHA!! i love my life somehow, random random randomic :O
have u ever think that me & my family will be picnic-ing @ templer park? HAHAHAH
yes, it happened on last saturday. We had lotsa fun ! =D

kaka , zen & mandy :D:D

me & my zen zen :D:D
he came my hrs and stayed overnight

the hot mama!!

daddy bring her along too!! hahahaha


it isnt just my family going actually,
its with my kaima's family and her sister in law family!
kinda crowded :D:D

fisherman :D:D

the journey of our destination is bout 20mins!
we carried all those heavy stuff up to the jungle, so heavy!

so many trees :D
so refreshing!

lim ee ee is so so excited ! =DD

this is seriously heavy i tell you :S

waterfall, here we go!! =D

long way to go still :SS

HAHAHAH she's exhausted !
stop half way and do our picnic :DD

this is my daddy :D:D

mua with the sister :D:D

my dear family :D

he's gonna be so handsome next time!

No more photo for the following activities, know why?
the camera of my dad's company cacat-ed :(((((
too bad.. thanks god it "recover when we got home!
we went waterfall, woahh.. so huge and so so cold !
i wanna go there again after trial or maybe after spm :P

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Chloe said...

your dog so cutee ^^