Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hey ! Do You?

Okay, im going to post up smt weird today :D
its a bit related to myself, hell yeah, its constipation problems! =D
My friends around me have bowel movements everyday,
that makes me so envious~ Hahaha!
No kidding, im those kind who kinda hard to "emm emm" everyday =__=
DUN LAUGH ! you'll have balasan ._.
HAHAHAHAH!! but im feeling so good now =D why?
Me no longer having this problem! at least for 1 week .__. whheeee!

What causes constipation?
  • Eating low fibre diet & lacking of H2O in ur body ( everyone knows that ._. )
  • Taking too much of iron ( guava etc..)
  • Taking painkillers ! This do effect too :X
  • Ignoring the urge to go "emmm emm" / sometime when u miss your golden time to do that
  • HAVING STRESS DUE TO THE DE-SHIT of yourself, meaning you keep on thinking that you cant shit again .___.

Why do i highlighted the last point, because i do really think that this is the cause for jojo. =(
Luckily i find a way out when i watched a singapore drama. The women inside said that during the shitting process, we must
RELAX ourselves. LOL & me tried & it works ! HAHAHA

& of coarse, the other common way, Consume more fibre =)

Bohhh! For those who din shit everyday, beware ! YOU WILL GAIN WEIGHT EASILY!
for those who is on diet like me, remember to do bowel movement everyday =D

Okay, Im just too boring =D
Bak kata pepatah : Sharing is Caring :P
peace out!

Coming up soon :- The meeting of mee boyfran =D