Sunday, February 21, 2010


What an unforgettable CNY.
It happened on CHU3, 初三. know wad?
My hrs had been broken in =( sobbb !!
It was 8smt at night, we & my family were on our way home happily after whole day of hrs visiting. It was a good day until we passed by the guard house of my house area.

" Encik, rumah kamu kena rompak lah! “

OMG. we were like "HUHHH"? we still cannot accept wad he told us.
We rushed home & saw our neighbour waiting outside. The uncle told us the same damn thing.
& ask 3 of the females do not go near the house, the robber might still inside.
so daddy got into the house carefully & luckily there's no anyone inside, except my EE EE.
Okay, the first thing we realised is the 2 laptops were gone, & next, the room downstair was badly damaged TT


upstairs, my room had been messed up. All the bday cards my buddy gave me on the floor. My hardly earned cash money..GONE! My angpau packets..GONE! & my hello kitty collection stamp, gone! wtf. I was so angry & sad. The thing that make me cried was my savings. I earned it since form 3? ._.

master bed room was the biggest loss ! My mum's jewelly, & my parents watches, cash money & etc..WOW! how i wish those who entered my house without permission die due to horror car accident. .________________.


算了吧 =)


Sammy said...

first and the last !

❀ нคяu ѕαкuяα said...

0h Emm Gee.DArling Jo Ee.Are you okay? Oh god...Hope that everything's gonna be fine soon. =)

Yong Sheng said...

Dun worry la...
God will make the guy suffer ^^

aHsoOn said...

may ur curses come true ?
XD butt !

k.ienlam said...

sorry to hear this =/ must've been really sad.