Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Ex-Thursday =D

wheeee ! it had been a long time the 5K darlings din hang out together .
So, its kinda hard to snap a lot of cacat-ed photos together..Hence, im making this decision to blog bout The PaoBing Day =D

oh yea, they're with me !
my baby in class =D

& this, Monster =D

kenke, the dimples girl & ah mei, the sleeping girl & ah tine, the khalil's wife =D

she hardly show her teeth! =B

xingti feifei always try to squuuuze in the camera :DDD

see lao tine ;DDD very obvious she's trying to tahan from laughing XD

ilovethem =D


Tekkaus said...

Oviously you guys are having a lot of fun. :D

Look at the 2nd last photo. Goodness me. :p

Monster said...