Monday, June 8, 2009

Long Post =)

Its my 1st time working day
in my aunt "kuir-os" (time-square) selling sun-glasses n other accessories =)
kinda fun whn ppl visiting u & u gonna persuade ppl to buy ur stuff !
HAHAHHA & i realised it's easier to sell things to Malays den to Chinese!!
business was so good, so mny ppl came to buy glasses ~
malaycouples love buying rings and make their name in da ring =O
frm 9 in da morning until 10 in da night !
it seems to work in da vv long hrs but it doesnt boring at all~!
just a lil tired =)
feeling satisfy ! wohooo!
earn d 1st RM50 in my life wakakakakak!

just like ytd went working with my aunt =)
but tdy seems difff !
a grp of malay youngster came to us and like surrounding part of da stall
one of them was stealing and walked away!
me & aunt did nt realised but a korkor ( another kuir-os boss) saw it !
he went to da malay n like pullin him back!
asking him whther he stole or not but he deny
da kor kor den punch him hardly and slapped him !
wohoo, tis scence got da crowd attention & everybody came to c =O
me standing aside watching
my aunt den join da korkor scolding da boy!
da boy got his group din even dare to talk, jz standing aside
my aunt den call da malay boy to pay for da glasses for RM40
double da actual prize
da malay boy left his hp and try to collect da RM40
he seems so scare since da korkor very tall and FIT
&& lastly, da young boy collected da $ n pay my aunt lahh
but he stil kena slapped by da korkor :O
This incident seems so so so DIFF to me
a new thing since tis is da 1st time i saw =O
& at 10o'clock
my aunt fetch me bak n paying me another RM50

Its friday, my mum got her leave and
4 of us went KARAOKE!
yeng lehh!
my daddy & mummy bring me n sis to sing k =P
enjoying all da day

and of cz
my BUD - DAO GEI Yanni bufdayy lahh!
she turned 6teen! =DD
Happy b'day darling
iLy dear

We'll sooner go out with yaa!
celebrating ur sweet 6-teen
ice-skatin at sunway pyramid! =D

ohhh yeahh
went outing with Tine & FATTY to timesquare :D
but actually nt vv true,
we just wanna hang out =)
went sing k again
me like crazy siaa !
dancing n screaming =O
n "zhou yin" ==
fatty n lao tine keep laughing at me
heyy! i improve lots lah wei :P
we went snapping " datoutie"
&& do alot kisao stuffy =)

&& saw a lots of kb-ians
3 kb f4 girls paint her face like monkey's buttock!
so so so KUA ==
anyway, nice outing without see-ing jolin ;x

went Sepang Beach BBQ with my bigbig family =D
its mother side family with my daddy's mum :D
vvv HAPPY lahhh
playing like kids
eating like elephant :P


prince charming =DD

aunty & my mama!

tis doesnt mean i'm childish :x

daddy n mummy =D

me n aunt

kenny roger's drumstick? XD

granny! :D

pretty aunts :P

d end =)
btw, i gonna thanks eddie for letting me noe da true story behind
really appreciate it a lot
damm a lot
i dhk i got d right way to walk
even though it may be risky
but i wish to try =]


Kien Lam. said...

0.o...steal and get punch xD! ask me go mah i backthrust him he cant stand di weeeeee =D

тноиg уєп™ said...

yanni shud be 6teen, rite ?

Wern Wern said...

nice h0lidayzzzz u hav XD
cheeRs ya <3

Monster said...

kien : HAHAHAHH da time u reach here he adi walk awy? :P

thongthong : heyhey :P luckily u correct me :X

wernwern: hehhh :) thanks bud!

yys said...

so fun ur life.. be happy man ^^

Anonymous said...

wow!!nice post man!! xD

eminey626 said...

y ur holiday so meaningful 1
my holiday juz sienz !!!!

ŠKēÍðÑ said...

sOoOoOooooo~ SORNGG~!!
Haha.. like my 1st time workin..

H a N n said...

wait a min,
tat was saturday rite?
i was in timesquare the whole day!!!
why I didn't see u at all?!
cannnot be!!!

Monster said...

hahahahah :P

hann: yealahh! last time ebuddy i asked u u din reply TT

H a N n said...

stupid ebuddy...
i didn't see u for the whole holiday!
sad case la weihhh
miss ya~