Thursday, June 25, 2009

Next Chapter

busy deliver those roses =D

grab this frm kuz's bloggie =D

this is just so funny + so KYUTEEE!
gahahah, no neednt to be paisehh lah :P

to our beloved miss lim :D

went back class,
camwhoring =O
shermaine keith they there~! XDD
so funny lah

orangni byk comel =D

me n meowww :P
she was scolding me for vandelisme


&& after skul,
went to get more flower since we got no enuf roses!
with tine n xingti by taxi =)
just super fun being tgther with them
make my mood turned positive
was so freaking emo
was wondering wat da hell is he dhking
ehem, reach thr
choosee & order roses
suppose goin tuition but so darn lazy
3 of us walked back to my granny;s hrs and lied on da cool floor
sleep ;x

awwww, after skul went xingti;s hrs again
same objective,
ishhh, start to hate roses

we did those thingy til night
was so tired and so so so HUNGRY
1300131300 MCD!

Mood been bothered,
i'm so sad
cry in front of Lao Han
being an idiot for half day
at night,
Im getting okay

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