Monday, October 29, 2012

Well Spent Sunday

Hola people!
I'm so happy today because my Sunday was well-spend with my loves one!
Early in the morning...Erhem.. I mean late morning around 11am+ , I had breakie with my parents at a nearby hawker stall :D 
After that, we went Desa Park City for ice-cream with my darling Ee Ee! I swear I'm gonna bring my Sporty to Desa Park one day! At least make him get used to strangers and not poop everywhere first :P

Flavor of the day :)

Cutest creature in the whole wide world, I'm so glad that we met :))

Me and sister decided to have a swim at my aunty's house. So we drive all the way to Sg Buloh. It was raining but we thought that it wont be long...However, it rain quite heavily around 3-5pm.... Ended up not swimming but playing with le cutie baby cousin sister!

 We call her saliva queen :P 
Look at her, so so adorable!!!!

I would be a happy baby if i had these when i was a baby!

Around 5, went home and get prepared for good food!! We had our dinner at Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Buffet is always tempting isn't it :3

Put on light make-up.
Love my mum's bobbi brown coral color lipstick!

Good stuff to share, the lip treatment is really good!
It prevents your lips from being dry when applying lipsticks!
Gonna get one for myself instead of using my mum's everytime :D

We are always daddy's lil princess <3 :=":" p="p">

my beautiful sister :3

Freshness overload

Can never get enough of their smoked salmon, so YUMMMS!
I made myself a sandwich with it

Juicy-licious steaks

Carbonara Farfalle, with lotsa CHEESE

my gorgeous sister!
why are you so pretty!! WHY ARE WE SO DIFFERENT :((((

End this post with my favorite picture :)

Til then,

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