Monday, October 22, 2012

sooo BZY

It is always like that. When i'm too busy and have no much leisure time, i will start to realize all the pretty little matter around me. As an example, the scenery outside my house, so perfect. All green because trees are everywhere!

The reason why i can reach home this early today (4pm) is because there is no practice for performing arts!! HAHAHAH The latest performance was quite important! Sorta some audition for COMM fest, some event done by the comm school.

Again, i have no group pic with my dear group mates! But i'm so glad that i was assigned to the same group as Olivia! At least someone who i familiar with :P Too bad bonnie was not with me!

Look how much we did for the performance! Props..make up..& etc!

So yesterday i came across to this website through churp churp..

Interesting no? It's like you just need to do something simple and can already stand a chance to win away some CASH & PRIZES!

What i did is just...

First, choose one of the aspirations which is artisan :P Since i do quite a lot of "artistic stuff" lately! Thanks to Ms Natasha :P

Second, upload a photo that best reflects my choice!
Third, caption with max 10 words & hashtag #nescafeonthelife

TADA, that's all you need to do!

& the next day i saw my photo on the official page already! WOHOOO! blessed me with luck, i wanna win this money away!

If you're interested, click *here* !

October will be a hectic month with all the presentations and course work! #goodlife

Til then,

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