Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Good Life

You know what guys? I feel extremely good lately because my everyday is just too fruitful and pack! & I LOVE IT! wohoo! Lately I'm kinda busy with my course works and my part time job as a nurse & blogshop owner! HUHUHU some people may think that I'm really crazy to get so many jobs but seriously, it makes me feel so good everyday. It's like i do not waste my precious time doing nothing..

I'm currently working on my first Performing Art Assignment with other 5 awesome human :P I'm really so grateful to have Ms Natasha as our subject lecturer because the way she conduct the class is just way to awesome! We will never get bored in her class. & also she made most of us got closer with all the tasks she gave us!

This is the friday class gang :)
Alex is the thorn among the roses

Btw, my baby has already working as an intern for the past one month! Hardly to see him everyday but feel so loved when he made effort just to let me to see him.. HEEEE    

my baby boo so cutee when he smiles :D
I'll be so happy everytime i see this picture of him   

Too many to note down, my bali & my singapore trips!

Til then,

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