Friday, January 13, 2012

What I did in 2011?

Genki's blog post really motivated me to blog this! What I did in 2011?? Seriously.. It is good to reminisce good time and bad time. :) And so i'm here again, to blog bout it.

1. Have a part time job in Parkson with yanni :D

2. The very first time i went oversea with my buddy! 

     Yes guys! We went Singapore and met these 2 japanese friends :D

3. Enrolled in Foundation of Mass Communication in Taylor Lakeside Campus 
   I'm really glad meeting all these people :) The best thing is i had made another best friend from FICM who is wearing red in the picha :D

4. I went to Phuket with my family and stayed in the most awesome resort, Marriott Vacation Club - Marriott's Phuket.


I still remember how comfy is their bed T___T

5. Oh yea, i cut my hair short and dyed it brown :D

6. Another family trip to Australia :D

7. Birthday celebration with my lovely friends and boyfriend!

too bad i only have photo with eugene :( photos with my friends i have none :(

8. Failed my driving test twice -_- only pass when i bribe! GAHHH

9. My car kena bang twice -_-

10. First time light painting :D


11. Changed my blog header :)

   if you miss my last header :P

12. Work so much with darling on his photobook assignment which is one of the best moments in 2011 :)

13. Popo's birthday :D which is also the first time hubby meeting all my family members :3

14. Steamboat at tine's house with high school mate :D

15. Sunway lagoon with my college buddies :D

16. 2 Years Anniversary 

17.  First time clubbing? HAHA

12. Went sepang with bunch of college friends to do music video assignment

12. Baby boy's birthday celebration :)

i have not get the celebration;s photo yet :"(

13. Been part of the movie :P

14. Owns a blogshop

15. Earned my first 4digits :)

16. Had a stall in a bazzaar

HEHE, not bad right? My 2011 spend really well :)
More to come in year 2012 :D
God Bless Everyone!

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