Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sepang & Melaka day trip :D

14th January, definitely a day to remember! 9 crazy fella drove all the way to Sepang from KL after having breakfast at Kepong! Spend our day at Sepang and Melaka at night.. Seriously, i love my friends, spontaneous and fun ! I remembered how funny when genki & fatty got hyped just because of nicki minaj's super bass on radio, rap like nobody business! And also the newly found cute guy - Daniel Chew, only know that he's such a prudent person when he asked Bryan to drive safely, how cute! & i really have to say that Keat & Bryan's driving skills are awesome, speedy but stable! Coooooooooool

If you were to ask me to type out the whole journey, i would like to say sorry :( I don't even know how to start! But the most important is, all the good times are concretely stored in my mind. Those are the time that will never be erased. (Y)

i must say smt about this picha. It's a handmade kite by my best friend, xingti !! HAHAHAHA
with red plastic bag & chopsticks ;P

Dont look at me like that, i know i'm kawaiii-neh ^^v


 we're big eaters ;P HIak hiak!!

Last, i would like to conclude my post with anigift,
awesome level ; us



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