Thursday, January 5, 2012

How I spent my new year eve :)

My mum, dad and sister were off to KL in the morning :) I spent the whole afternoon with my darling doing his church event's video. I followed him to his church mass at night. The first time i entered the church when there's event ongoing, & I'm very glad to be part of the mass. The church is really pretty. I love the lighting and the environment inside. Everyone was so respectful and maintain silence throughout the mass. Song singing was the best part for me. I love it when i know how to sing most of the songs :) Thanks to my bf, i was always there when they were practicing. TEEHEE Oh ya, i was a noob. There was a session when everyone greet each other for  PING AN, and i was stoned. I got no idea what was happening :< so paiseh!  After that, we wish everyone a happy new year. The most heartwarming part was when ah ken came forward, hug and wish me a happy new year :3 HEHE

When everything is done, me and sammy rush to Bryan's condo at DPC to meet my friends! We were so late actually. Me and sammy prayed hard to reach Bryan's condo on time so that we're able to watch fireworks in the best location :D But too bad, we end our 2011 in the car :) Anyway, I'm glad that we were together :) *smooches* 

pretty fireworks :3

 my babe. :)
She cried hard that day! Drunk :P

kc with sammy :3

  part of the gang

The best part of the night is when we played games! Thanks to hubby :D He taught us how to play. Oh ya, it is 七級豬 a.k.a Seven level pig! HAHAHAH I dont know how to explain right here, what i can say is the game is awesome funnnnn!!! I laughed until cannot stop throughout the game :D 
Love my friends so much :)

My BFFs <3

 The view from the condo :)

mua hubby!!! :3

We left bryan's condo at 3+am :D So funnnnn!! It was also the first day my parents allow me to stay out so late :P Happy!!!

Awesome new year eve i shall conclude :)

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