Friday, April 8, 2011

O-awh! :D is still my favourite place to reminiscing the good times :) Aww, so many good things happen to me recently, im so happy and so thankful

Wednesday, 6th April 2011
Woah Woahh, it was ah ken's 1/4 century's birthday :D & randomly i went for his party in his house!! wow wow wow, freaking shy + super paiseh ** While me and hubby were on the way to ken's house, i was damn quiet & look quite emo. I'm not sad or moody but just super nervous :((( The dumb boy still don't know! HAHHA anyway, i love his dumbness sometimes :) Very glad to meet his brother brose and his church friends and ken's family. They're all very friendly and nice :) Especially Jia Mei & Ken who always treat me so nice :***))) Had steamboat together in a round table. At the end of the party, i'm so happy that the situation was not awkward, im so afraid that i will ruin the party at first. Phewwwww~
I think im not the happiest person that night, but my hubby is :D HAHA Finally i mixed with his close friends :) Too bad there's no picture for memories

Thursday, 7th April 2011
Have I mentioned that my hubby bunny gave me Fisheye as my bday present??? & here's it !


My new babe
Love it to the max!!
& on thursday, we finally go and take our photos from the camera shop :D


Me and my bunny :))) the fish eye effect is not so obvious in this photo, try to look at the following one!


TADAAA!! so nice right :DD HEHEHEHE
and after that, we went swimming at damansara club :) Have fun swimming, playing in the water :D

Friday, 8th April 2011
Andrew, my college mate drove me & other of my college mates to one u after college! Met my kai ma :D Im so happy to see her, it had been ages i never talk to her. So fun looking her to try on the clothes at Zara :) Love her a lot! Happy to see her being sweet and lovely with the husband :3 After that, i joined my friends to have dinner at delicious. The cheesy macrononi is so awesome! Movie with hubby bunny at 6.40pm :D We're a bit late but manage to reach the cinema before the movie start!

Worth watching guys! Go for the hot guys & romantic story :)
ILoveToSpendMyTimeWithYouBunnyBoy Thanks for the lovely days

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Sammy said...

liked :)
very nice party, very cute camera, and the best movie !

Monster said...

**smooches** <3