Saturday, October 2, 2010

One ♡ Year

Omg, this is a so-late-update! HAHAHA forgive me, ur monster friend have been so busy lately :)
but today, i managed to arrange my photos and blog bout this ! sohhh excited =D

17.09.10 was our first year anniversary :D
i still remember how we started last year LOL !! we'd actually texting and meeting up bout more than 3 months before we been in relationship :) and the day, 17th Sep 2009. both of us were sitting at the pondok near the back gate of school, we talked and eventually bonded in !
HAHAHA, okay, im happpy and so happy to have him in my life. Everything turns colourful and happy :)

First and formost, thanks yugi TT

he brought the darling to me and took both of us to the curve

There's no crowd in that place when we reached there :D sure lahh, that time was only 11+am :S
and was raining too =D

managed to do this :D thanks baby!!

had my breakfast, double cheese burger @MCD :D
we shared a lil :D

the outfits :D
he looks superb lahh!!

we walked to ikea after we got our movie tickets :D

the best thing is we dont nid to use our brain whenever we're togther :D
no thinking before talk no thinking before we acts :D

the man beside me is my hubby mr popular :D:D:D:D:D

mirror mirror :DD
Teeheee i love you

♡♡♡♡!!!! He's already taken :P

see the poser behind :P

FYI, this is animated :D:D


he brought me the same spec like him :D
i like it but too bad im so ugly with it TT
he's looking so good with his :D:D:D:D

HEHE, this is his current fb profile photo :)
he has long legs TT

Time flies, we need to take our meal before the movie :D
so we went to the food department and had our very nice meal :D:D:D
i just simply love the way we buy food :D
all self service, so cute!

meatball is the best of all :D:D

the fat one TT

A romantic comedy centered on a guy and a gal who try to keep their love alive as they shuttle back and forth between New York and San Francisco to see one another.
Not bad :D what i know is hubby keep on laughing when i dunno what's so funny with the jokes D: HAHAHA!!

its already 4smt after the movie and we have to go home at bout 5.30pm D:
so we rush to get our photos done :DD
btw, i love my baby in this photo!!! so cute <3 style="width: 601px; height: 451px;" src="">
he looking at me while im saying heeelllo :D
i know im so stupid here :D

random!! HAHAHA =D

i like this one :D the ice-creaam superb

my hubby :)))))

believe it or not? :)
this is not done purposely but accidentally when the ice-cream fall from my mouth to my hand :D
a love shape!! :D:D

this is one of my anniversary gift from him! =D
im so loving it :D you know wad?
we both have the same idea!! i;ve gave him a photo frame without the photo inside and was planning to do things exactly like him ( put our photo in this way )
aww! im so happy that he did the same thing :D love you lah gene! :D
anyway, he's already the best gift :)

That's it ;)
what a wonderful day..
iLy forever baby :)


eminey626 said...

congrates!!! xD what a lovely couple with nice pictures ;)

Monster said...

hehe, thanks a lot eminey :D <3

~[S]u[K]!* said...

omg!!!! is so so sweet~<3

bendan said...

Your boy?? He's awesome tall!! LOL!!
See you enjoy your day.. you lovely smile shows all!! XD

Monster said...

thank you so much!! teehee!!

SiMon Har said...

interesting GIF image!

Monster said...

thanks simon har :D