Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oh its the Chic pop: Street Market! :D

Before i start my blog post, i really want to say thank you and hug this mandy gioh tightly! :D
she;s the one who enlighted me bout this event and brought me & the sister there =D
thanks babe!

This is really cool ;D those famous blog shop like *theclicknet* and other fashion blog will open their stall there, selling various pretty accessories and clothes and so much more lah! =D love them all !! OMG, the toy camera from theclicknet just tempt me so much TT i want them all, ARGHH! no $$ lah ;( fish eye fish eye!

this is how the place look like! =D oh ya! its @ taman tun

moi ! im looking so charming stupid ._.

This is mandy my kawan baik baik baik !! =D
i like to be with her too! =D

the sisters :D
i dhk this is the reason why my mum allow me to go for this event :D

we both have pretty 1996's sisters!
hahah =D i just knew mandy's sister call herself mojojojo too! =D

this is really EPIC mandy!! so random :D:D

human there dress like tis :D

this jie jie is pretty yet kind! she has awesome blog shop!
we got our first item there =D

baby gene, i dhk of ur fren when i save this photo D:

thanks for driving us along !! :D

For further info, visit or you may also follow them on twitter@

I cant wait for the dec one!!
& good news people, theclickshop will set up a shop at ss2 at the end of this year ! =D

*credits to mandy for the photos :D


Min Min said...

u so happy de :)

Lingling. said...

aww,that was nice :) mandy's sister was dam pretty!

eminey626 said...

nice event!!! all of you look so cute lar!!! xDDD

Monster said...

thank you :D:D

Monster said...

thank you :D:D

ken said...

looks fun :)

melmonica said...

You're pretty la haha XP

Anyway, you should post all the stuffs you bought :D

Monster said...

ken : its kinda! =D
mel : XD i will the nxt time ;) thanks