Monday, October 25, 2010

Fruit Temptation ♡

OMG, looking so fruity delicious right ? :D:D
is there anyone out there asking whre did i get this?
its homemade actually
easy to prepare, the ingredients are widely available in the market !

What you need is :-
  • berries : blueberries & strawberries (strawberries a must )
  • fruit : orange, apple, grape, kiwi is recommended too :D
  • raisin
  • nestle natural yogurt
  • .....That's all =D

Steps :-
  • Immersed fruits (apple, grapes ) into salt water, not too salty of cz
  • Wash the berries
  • Cut them into slices or cubes
  • Placed them into nice plate/bowl/ *..* and left them into fridge
  • Only add yogurt when you're ready to consume :)
  • Dont left it overnight !

initially :)

orange taste very nice!

this is the yogurt we used :D
you can use others as long as it's yogurt asli !

raisin really help to licious the salad =D
love the mouthfeel !

yogurt is added :D

& its ready to be served !! =D

*im so sorry if i seems sucky in doing this kind of post*
anyway, this is my bloggg =DDDD


eminey626 said...

wow!!!! i love salad!! next time make some for me mah xDD

JLean said...

Dropping by ere. =). Smiles.. Nice one.. Looks yummy

Doris Lai said...

Looks good...

Victor Tan said...

makes me hungry edi. hehe

Monster said...

eminey : SURE nxt time :D:D
lean : thanks :D
doris : :))
vic : :D:D temp u!