Saturday, December 13, 2008

12.12.08 Sunwayy Trip :)

yesterday :) 12.12.08 went sunway with my buds <3
4 ladies [ me, tine, genki & mei ] & 4 gent [ sishiong (the most important wan), mengherng, ngauzai & foong ]
woke up super early, abt 7am :x and reach tine's hrs at abt8am :D
goin KTM to get da train to KL Central. Meet my genki thr :D
luckily she's with her sis! abuden soo damm dangerous
hmmmm.. had our very nice breakfast at MCD! i'm loving it~~ XD
ohhh yaa! da train was so dammnn squeezzyyy! ><>
its early morning but he smeells... yuck ><>
& one among my buds lost him phone :( Mr Ngau unluckyy :x
Continue! :D
went to get RapidKL bus to pyramid bus station :) its like 63 and blablabla
waited for abt half an hour or mur than tat.. & finally we saw da bus we wanted to take~! hurrayyy :D we seems like da noisiest in da bus ><>
finally reach our spot at abt 40mins later :D
so eager to get in SUNWAY LAGOON!!
we lalu tis b4 we get in da entrance :x

Sunway Saloon =~= LOL so funny ehh.. We tot we came to Sunway Lagoon? why is it a Sunway Saloon? XDthem :)
and we took tis whn queeing up to buy tickets :D
speechless.. :x I love being cacated XDD
bought 3park ticket for each of us :) WATERpark THEMEpark& EXTREMEpark
ehemmm.. get into da Wonderland of us!
1st.. We pergi cari locker and squeeze our stuff in 2 lockers! one for boys & one for gals :x
we gonna saved our $$ since its RM5 for each locker ><>
okayyy~ after tis, we went to theme park :DD
play all da dry thingyy 1st ! XDD
1st of all.. da 360' smt XDD we keep on shouting n shoutingg!! LOL
but i keep on laughing in it? XD cz ahmei's screaming skill so damm pro!! high vocal :O
and its very fun XDD play twice :P
den we pergi da long long hanging bridge ther and again.. PICHA!! xD
after tis, we continue playing n playing!! ;DD

tis is b4 ATV riding XD wearing tat "shower cap" thingy b4 wearing da helmet :D
for hygiene!

all of us can be very pro motorist in future! xD but not for jiejiun and mr foong for sure!!
HAHAHAHAHAH! they cant control da ATV :D
so damm funny tat time~~ Ah Foong knock da pillers at da begining! :x
and tis is da pic :x
and next.. Paint Ball :DD
we tot it was like shooting people? >< board ="=">
bcz da more fun wan :x nid to pay extra RM30 each person!!
we tot its free of charges at first == but hu noes? suan luu~
we played da free of charges wan! :D

waiting for rollercoaster :D
why no me?? HAHAHAH
cz i'm being da PRO camera monster :PP
noone else can take nice picha like me? woots! JOKING :x
we enjoyed da roller coaster much and after tis, we..
We started getting wet :D

ALL of us Love is da most!! ^^ da snakie head stuuff
4get wat it called :x we sang whn getting up :D
so damm syiokk! :D <3>
and after playing tis
we saw a pinkie duckie walking nt far frm us!
so we jz ran towards them!! run run and RUN!
and finally. after that, we goin bak to our locker to put our slippers bak :)
cause we wanted to go playiingg at WATERpark d!~! :D
and determined to chg to another locker :D
on da way.. we saw da 1st lengzai me n kenke spotted! :x
chging locker :x duno why huh? our things seems like harder to put in it :O
we squeeeeeezeeeeeeeeee~
after settled down our thingy, we headed to da "FLYing-Fox" spot XDD
waited quite long thr ><>
but luckily me n my "gap zai parther", kenke spot another one :s
he's really consider da type for both of us! HAHAHAHAH
& Back to da topic, Flying Fox :D
da 1st fella playing was JieJiun :DD she's with da camera :O
she looks so damn scare~ hahahhahaah cz her legs were shaking thr!! :DD
and da 2nd one will be tine and kenke n last one me :S
Kenke scream so damm loud even those ppl bhind me laugh :DD

Can you see that? People "attacked" me :(
& one blue unkwn thingy knock my head~!! HAHAHAHA
but its ok :D cz quite fun :o
after that, gals goin to ply water in da big big "pool" XD
We saw da 2nd lengzaii which me met him di flying fox thr XDD
me n kenke =DD especially kenke XDD
we keep on looking at them :x
but in a sudden ==
thr's somthing consider unlucky hapenned LOL
a gang of LALA com to us ><
we just like being surrounded =~= They wan picha picha picha
siao wan~! 4of us jz keep on walking away
and sooner i walk away alone :s we walked away separatelyy
those idiots stil chasing ><
luckily was OKAYY! abuden x___x
ohh yaa * tat time i keep on looking da gang of lengzai :x
they look at us too but din cum rescue us wan :(
those drama lied! :(
for our own good..we determined to be with our boyfwen 1st :(
say bybye to lengzai TT kenke ;(
we sooner bak to da big big pool :x WITH da boyfwens :)
but we din see da lengzai d :(
we keep on finding :O hahahahah so cacat ==
n finally found!
mereka ada di beach
playing sand == HAHAHAH
we sengaja go near them..playing slide!~

btw.. there's smt consider lucky happened :DD
one of da lengzai gang asked me to help them ambil gambar~!!
WOOTSS! hahahahah :) not bad huh? :P
ellhh.. dun wanna say much about it :D
abt 5.30+.. we were preparing to go home :)
hahahaha.. me n kenke :x not willing to leave b4 meet da lengzai TT
we saw our bus while walking bak to the bus stop!
all of us run as fast as we can to reach da bus ><
we get into da bus :)
theres' quite loads of not-so-good incident happened along our way bak to KL central
lazyy to write all of 'em :x
me n kenke keep on talking n talking along da way! :DD
i dhk we talked one hr ther ><
reached KL Central :) "da-bao" my mcFLURRY :DD while others bring bak burger etc :P
n sooner we reached KTM

that's for 12 of dec :)
pwetie memoriess!

But among those "-ing"
" Exciting " will be da large part for the day! :)


Jie Jiun said...

a great memory!!!!! i luv =DDDD

yuhjiun said...

reli damn shuang !!

EuGeNe said...

shuang lar !!

KhAi Chai said...

aiyer so shuang d O.O!!!!!

KahYee said...

u all damnnnn hua chi.....
but so shuangg...
dun forgt...
little j~
we haven go out at this holiday...
that bitch juz back from pulau pengkor~

thong said...

shuang lo u guys

kenke said...

DAMN shuang!!!!!!!!!!
love n miss da lengzai lots~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TT
perfect trip =DD

Andrew said...

shuang !!

Shumeen said...

shiok la!

Monster said...

heeee :D