Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Few Things I've Learned About Work

Hello peeps, how long have I abandoned this place again? Always wanted to come back for my 2015 recap but I'm really too busy/ lazy for that ;x What brought me here today is because I was really angry at work during noon. Some funny concerns just stuck on my mind & I couldn't get it off. So, i read quotes from Pinterest to calm me down. This is usually what i do when I need some life inspiration or motivation to overcome a moody day.

#1 Calm your tits

This GIF literally shows my inner feeling when someone creates an irrelevant issue out of nowhere or speaks naively. Some issues are never issues.. Most of the time, it really is a person who complicates everything and make everything seems so difficult. From as simple as 1 + 1, suddenly it can become as complex as 2x = 2+1/2 kind of equation. It really annoys me sometimes as it will definitely slower down the whole process and make it a none productive day. 

& I realized, the best solution is to calm yourself down and avoid being one of the knots in the situation. Check precisely what is the "issue" and find out whether it really exists or just plainly misunderstanding from one party. If it is just a mistaken act, give facts and reasoning to clear up the whole situation and move on! 

#2 Stay out of Drama

I know, it is very hard to not kepoh around to find out more about your colleagues and insights of what is happening in the office. People might just hang around you to tell you stories about what had happened or opinions of others to some people. You know what, just listen and not to give comments so easily. Think well whether this is a correct source or just plain jealousy. You won't know how true is it.

#3 Know your job scope and do it the best you can

I'm not too sure about you, but I'm in the stage of putting higher values on my career. I will make sure I complete my daily tasks effectively, and always keep an eye on my KPIs. Thankfully my partner Tzia thought the same way too. We rarely work overtime because we focus so much on efficiency. We delegate our jobs properly and everyone has a correct direction to strive for. 

Why is it so important to me? Not only for the sake of good money, but appreciating the self satisfaction we got when we hit our target, getting compliments from stakeholders, won a pitch and so much more. These are the little things that encourage us to do more and work smartly.

Also, enjoy it when shit happens because in the end of the day, you will be able to find a solution anyhow. Love yourself, and love what you do too! You need to agree on the what you've done yourself, before others recognize your work.

Be good and the good will come to you. Your common sense might not be the same with others' common sense. Don't be difficult to people because everyone is raised differently. Have manners even when you are filled with angers. These are my daily reminders to instill more positively in life and try to make everyone happy working with me too! T_T

Of course there are times when I desperately need to release, I am grateful to have my beans - Tzia & Wenie to back me up! #morethanjustcolleagues 


Til then,


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happened to drop by, couldn't agree more to this. glad you have good colleagues!

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