Monday, November 27, 2017

Time flies..

We have always heard of the cliches - "Time flies".. Indeed, it is a bitter sweet reality.
I was organizing my photos to my hard disc and had the chance to view back the moments that I took in my daily life. I was so shocked to realize the hard truth of how time passes so quickly this year. I don't remember exactly when some of these pictures were taken, but I can't believe that it was almost 12 months ago.

Especially these two GIFs that me & bonzi took in Coffee Coffea.... My goodness, these were one year ago? I still can't believe it. 

This year, I've been diving myself into work. I honestly do not regret it, because i truly think that this is what we suppose to do during our 20-s. However, i felt i can do better by managing my time wiser. I could have turned my imaginary dreams into reality if i could be more discipline 😒

Definitely the common ones - fitness, healthier lifestyle!

I dont think i can take picture like that anymore until i cut down few more kgs 😐

You know how we always love to take picture when we work out? I do the same thing too! I won't say I used to work out a lot, but at least once a week? What makes me sad is, I cant find a good amount of workout pictures from my phone memories.....which means.. I don't exercise as much anymore! 

On the good side, I realized that, I actually traveled a lot this year 💘
So happy for that!


oppa moments


fam trip to Tioman & it's also the first beach vacay with my bf after so many years together!


Visited Hanoi with my fam bam 💗

 Melbourne Trip was def the highlight of our year    
I'm considering to write a blog post to reminisce all the good moments we had together.
Meeting old friends, having good food, and experiencing a very different culture.
Baby, can we do another trip again 😻

my BKK bound with bonzi 

Another beach vacay with the fam @ Boracay. 

One more month left til 2018.
Not too sure if I still have the time to plan another short getaway with gene 😏

Sometimes i felt life can be so stressful, but after writing all the good stuff here, i felt so amazing!
I should really make blogging my habit. Hopefully it helps to remember the good moments better & keep up the good vibes! 💃

It's Monday again!
Let's make the week gooooooddddd

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sammy said...

Looking forward to our trip xoxo