Tuesday, January 20, 2015

(Part I) T W E N T Y O N E

As usual, the reflection post. I felt that it is still the best way to reminisce the previous year, look back what have i done and what i miss out.

Got into one of the top advertising agency - Ogilvy & Mather, as an intern. Really really glad that i was placed under Ms Wahidah. She is so loving and kind ;)

6K 2010 reunion dinner 

& i finally get rid of the "signature joee" mole (hahaha)
I thought the moles will disappear right away after the medication, but too bad! I was told that they will still remain on my face, in darker and bigger conditions for at least 2 weeks times (ohgod) 

My baby girl was admitted to hospital at the first day of CNY. She was that sick :(

It was one of the most jovial moments when we are able to pick ee ee back for CNY celebration!

Celebrated Uncle William's birthday @ MorganField, Publika with the family, except for my darling who was still in UK.

O & M staff got valentine's balloon! How awesome is that :D

O & M CNY lunch :)
There are my supervisor, Ms Wahidah & also my senior Ivy. Didn't know that I miss them so much until I see this photo. They made my intern experience so memorable.

Sent my BFF off in airport.

BF never forget about her girlfriend even when he was in UK ♡

OT almost everyday in O & M

Having someone to sleep with you everyday ♡

Clumsy moment #1: Happily took picture of my breakfast & dropped it on my pants in the morning during work D:

Ms Laura, my supervisor in O & M last day!

Very very sweet of Euny ♡ She made this & sent this to me when I & my family were on our Cambodia Trip. The family helped us to take care of our precious lil girl even when my bf is away from home T_T 
So much appreciation.



Sooooo many more photos to be featured! 
First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who made it to my birthday party ♡ Everything was fine! The only regret would be the absence of my boyfriend and my BFF xingti & bon :( Thank god I still have my lil Chloe to celebrate with me ♡ 
I'm blessed to have my parents to prepare all the aliment for the party :D

BFF xingti sent me love from Australia ♡

My last day of Internship!! Argh.. love these people so much!
I shall date them really soon :D

Family trip to the historical Cambodia :DD

Became active Taylor's Muay Thai Club member with my sis :P

Car broke down in Taylor's when me & sis otw to Sunway Pyramid T__T
Very grateful to have Lekiyo & sister's classmates to help out!!

One of the best things I did in 2014 - Brought my baby girl to a pet cafe called Blink Pets Bakery in Ikano ♡
The place served homemade dog snacks such as pets friendly cupcakes, cakes, pie and etc. The owner is really lovely and friendly too! I still remembered Ee Ee was trembling when she entered the mall because it was her very first time! She was so scared! We ordered her meatballs and apple biscuit ... & She prefer meatball, another carnivore in the family :P She was okay after her food! Super cute.. ♡♡

Cousin sister happy marriage :)) & party after that! It was my sis's first clubbing experience :P

I think it is better for me to stop here and continue the following months in another post  (^・ω・^ ) or else it will be flooded with photos!! ciao ciao~

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