Wednesday, January 21, 2015

(Part II) T W E N T Y O N E

After 1 year of LDR ♡♡♡♡ 
Many have been asking me the same question:
 " Is it really hard to maintain a long distance relationship with such time difference?"
Frankly, my answer would be:
 "NO, it's pretty fine!" 
Other than being not able to see each other as frequent as before, not able to have cuddles and smooches... Everything else was fine! I'm really glad that we made it through :) 

BFF bon's 21st surprise birthday celebration!

Happy getaway to Singapore!

Jerry Color Run @ Taylors's

IWC Grand Opening

Shannie's Farewell

Terrance's Birthday @ Jogoya

I lost the love of my life on 19.6.14
i am still missing you... a lot

Darling sister's sweet 18 ♡

Malacca Trip

BFF Xingti's 21st ♡

Stay over at darling's kampung & it was my first time meeting his grandma ♡

Bobie's Ms World Fashion Show
She is effortlessly beautiful :D

Baby, Mouses & Andrew as the judges for my high school Chinese Singing Competition.

Spontaneous outing with cute people @ Three Little Pigs & Big Bad Wolf

Grandma had her knee surgery & she is recovering very well! ♡♡ proud of my popo!

Part 3 up next! ciao ciao~

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