Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I really do believe if you hope for a better world, first you gotta be a better person. I smile and even say hello to people in my neighborhood whenever i have the chance. It really changes the atmosphere between us. Like whenever the uncle or the aunty saw me somewhere outside my neighborhood, they will come forward just to say hello! You know how happy I felt? Really, don't stop believing the ability of your own.

I talked to my dad today, actually it just happened half an hour ago. My father is a very lovely husband and of course a very good daddy. Reality made him show his more negative sides lately. He got frustrated easily & very hot-temper. He was too tired after work and hope to rest well and relax his mind and body when he got back home. He was too tired to bother the small details and some "spice" in life. I really admire and so proud of my mother who is so understanding. No wonder she is always my daddy's favourite girl since 20 years ago.

Actually i have no idea why am i blogging about this. Feelings just came across and i just jot down what is in my mind. 

Anyway, I'm gonna share some beautiful moments that is happening lately :)

first time hanging out with my new buddy - shien in the mall :)

& surprisingly both of us love fish & chips! YUMMMMS :D

hairband was my best friend before i had my haircut! Messy hair & oily fringe :<

Lunch date with my BESTIES
  It is really nice talking to them :) So much love

The day i finally dyed my hair & have a hair cut :)
Having lunchie with dearest sissy!

Lunch with mua baby boy before meeting :)

My little brother 11th Birthday Celebration at granny;s house :)

LOVE HER TO THE MAX :) so kyutee !

awesome dinner with my family :)

cousie day out!

 draw his eye brown when he was asleep :P 

have fun listening to him  <3 div="">


Cathlyn Yong said...

lovely :)

Monster said...

Thank you :))

Huong @LLL said...

Thank you for sharing :) Maybe try cooking something up so your dad can be less stressful and angry. :) It works like a charm every time my brother gets angry. LOL