Friday, March 1, 2013

2013 Valentine's Day ♡

I shall blogged more often (:  Pretty memories will be forgotten so easily without jotting down! NAWWW  dear brain, since when you stop functioning well :< 
Anyway, this is my 3rd time celebrating valentine's & also the 3rd time spending valentine's with the same boiii :) I can only recall our 2011 valentine's, cant remember what we did last year though :<

Morning, have breakie with mua love at BSD club house :)

Stay home the whole afternoon with loveeeee to accompany forever alone sister (─‿‿─)
HAHAHAHA! Around 5-6pm we headed to Paradigm mall after my sister went tuition !
Queue for Sushi Zanmai because the gf had been craving for tamago so badly!

Waiting do not last really long because two of us keep on talking :)

I had enough of this that day! So hardcore (´∇`)人

The only 2 dishes i took pix

Went shopping after our meal before heading to our movie :)

So envy this boy! He looks good in everything he put on his body! :3

Hokkaido ice-cream outside the mall :)

We do not go out to dating often, so it makes me feel so happy to hang out in the mall with my hubby in this special day. I lavvvvvvvvvvvv youuuu ♡ LOVE ME ENDLESSLY!!

thank you (♥♥,)

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