Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year

Hello everyone xx ! Happy New Year! I had fun with my high school mates during NYE at the very common count down place, Desa Park City! Firstly, i would like to thank Tine's mum for our yum yum dinner :) She prepared all the ingredients for steamboat with so much love!

It was really fun to have this bunch of people in my life :) Laughing all the way during dinner time! It was still early after our meal, so we settled ourselves with wiiiiii !!!

Look at them, you can actually imagine how much fun we had !! & also sore body the next day -_-

 Fireworks is one of my favorite "stuff" ! I am so touching every time i watch fireworks! Make a wish is my custom. yea, i know i'm weird ...

Boyfriend & Ken pick me and my sister from Desa Park & we went Jaya One for beers and some chilley seesion :)

No one treat me so well like her in the whole wide world. She will always be there for me through thick and thin. I swear I will love her even more in the following days and be her pillar in life! 

That's basically how i spent my NYE :) Nothing special, just a happy gathering with my high school besties, fireworks & spent time with my love ones! Gonna figure out my new year resolutions soon! & strike my best to achieve them :)

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