Saturday, September 8, 2012

How to get nice buttocks? Mmmm

Everyone has their own opinion for hot girls, whether the term "hot" is based on their looks, their types of hairstyle, their hair colour, or some part of their body figures and etc. For my boyfriend, he really likes girl in blond hair.. long blond hair.... (._.)..... #sonotme ; While for my father, he loves girls in long black hair. HAHA! But for me...I really really really like girls who has really nice ass, tight and firm( ̄ー ̄)DAYUM

I really think that having nice ass is so important. It makes you look good in everything! Imagine you're wearing a long denim pants with flabby booty.......or maybe you have already got pretty boobies,  flat stomach, WOW..such a turn on! But take a look a bit lower....OUCH.. what's with that flabby ass? OHNOO! Terrible.

Thank me for reminding you this, if you've not noticed this before (≧∇≦)/

Brazilian Butt Workout

We all want a nice butt to make our skinny jeans look good.  Try out this butt workout to tighten, tone and lift your butt!
20 Squats

20 Plie Squats

20 Donkey Kicks per side

20 Fire Hydrants per side

20 Circling Donkey Kick per side

30 Alternating Split Jumps

30 Alternating Sliders

30 Hips Lifts

20 Lunges Kicks per side

There you go! I usually only do some hips lifts and donkey kicks before sleep =^_^=

Little update of myself,
I have another part time job, guess what it is? NURSE ! HAHAHHA yea, for more pocket money! & so far ,i only been for two classes in SEM2 which are Performing Arts & Innovative Media. I find them quiet awesome! Especially performing arts, more fun & more sweating! 
Went to Ah Chap's farewell yesterday w/ the boyfriend :) He will go UK to further his studies, best of luck to him. He's one of the kindest men i've met (: Always friendly & funny! Happy that he got himself a very lovely girlfriend & bunch and bunch of best friends!

best photo of the night from HengWei :) so lovely..

Meet these old buddies & chatted a lot :D

Shushasha aka Laoshu, the lil tough cookie ;) 

Til then,

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