Thursday, September 13, 2012

CALL ME A VAMPIRE *sssssszzzz*

I actually have a "blogging" work to do as my course work at which i need to show it to my lecturer tomorrow morning! but still I'm here blogging about some random but super exciting stuff !! HAHAHA!

I took performing arts in my 2nd Sem, & i really like it ! There's no paperwork & exams :O & we have tons of practices which enable us to sweat a lot! I missed the first class performance, & here is my second one :D w/ Maharba as our lead, Juwei as one of the main character, Sabrina, Charlotte, Nat, Olivia, Kx &.................  We're doing contemporary dance & we're using the song "Eyes on Fire".

We get to know each other through the practice session. Honestly i enjoy a lot & am so glad to be in the same group with this bunch of awesome people!

During the practice!

BFF heeeeee

vain girls :P

 Sabrina look super awesome with the vampire look!

YAY! look forward to more of thesee!! Too bad we'll not be in the same group the next time ;*(

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