Monday, June 11, 2012

Massive Accident @ LDP on 11.6.12

If you're wondering what had happened...

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It happened in front of my eyes. I was lucky coz i was on the right lane. The lorry pasir was on the left lane. The lorry was speeding going down the flyover and cars infront are moving slowly coz of heavy traffic.

I heard a very loud braking sound...when i look at my side mirror i saw a crazy lorry going too fast and couldn't stop. If i didn't move slightly to the would hit the back of my car as well coz the lorry was trying to avoid other cars by going to the middle of the lane.

When the lorry went pass the car infront hit 5-6 cars on the left lane. I saw maybe iswara, myvi or alza become tin sardine...stupid lorry pasir driver might have taken several life during that accident...

From LYN Forumer who wrote the above. 

Life is short. Appreciate what you enjoy, never speeding. 

Updates: 6:53pm via Facebook photo uploaded.

No casualties in the accident.

More photos are shown in FB


Dear drivers,
Please be a responsible driver on the road. You may not only cause injuries on yourself but other innocent  drivers who are so unlucky to meet you on the road. Imagine you were the scary is that :(


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