Friday, June 15, 2012

It's Friday!

Hello beautiful people x
It's friday again..happy day for everyone i guess!
Got a call from le mama this afternoon ; she said she has a gift for me, which i want it so badly. She did not tell me what is it but i guess it is a new phone! HAHA If you know me you'll also know that i've been using this 9gag nokia phone for lifeee! Anyway, T&C applied to get the gift from le mama. So....

Btw, i did something very meaningful yesterday :) At least it is very meaningful to me myself..
Do not want to reveal it to the public because i find it quite embarrassing :/ Thanks to le bf for the support and everything. I hope i can be finalized badly :( #prayhard

I realized that it is really important to find a balance in life. In my case i would like to say that i have this very good friend who i treat her very sincerely. I do not mind to "give" without "taking" any from her. But sometimes she just got over exaggerate and i find it quite irritating when she try to take advantages from me. Quite sad & hurtful actually. But i cant blame nor complain, because it is her own choice to decide how to treat me.Maybe i should not be this persistent to avoid all these bad feelings Arghhh... Please allow me to mumble on my own.

#Quote of the day : You cant live a positive life with a negative mind.
Screw all the bad jo(s) in me & raise the good jo(s). TEEHEE

Have a great weekends homie!

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