Sunday, July 10, 2011


Ohayo people! :D guess you guys know why i privated my blog already right? Oh yes, i changed my blog theme :D Still with paul frank as my "logo", but the feeling of my blog has big difference already! HEHEHEHEHEHEHE :D


actually this is the first choice, but it doesnt match with my background, so i change to the latest header :D

so how do think bout the new look of my blog? :D

8th July 2o11, Friday
Today was the most productive day ever :D Early in the morning went gym with Sammy! Thanks Ken for the 3 weeks trial at celebrity fitness!! :D:D Just spent a lil time at gym doing some resistance training for my leg and etc. Thanks to my personal trainer ♡ Bout 12.30pm, we rushed to the bathroom & made ourselves clean. Singing competition in high school was next, admire those kids who truly know how to sing from the bottom of my heart. How i wish i can sing well too T-T After that we went for our lunch which is dimsum :D Happy Happy! Got back my car from the workshop before chilling at his house :) Help euny done with her header and background of her blog :D Spent so much time together with him and his siblings.. Im really happy la. He will randomly hug me and whisper to my ears :) Aww..♡♡ I miss the moment

9th July 2011, Saturday
Morning breakfast with Sammy & Ken before heading to gym (gym again right?! HEHE).



And also, i got my fisheye photos!! 24pieces for 40$, expensive much :*( most of the photos are broken. Conclusion, taking photos with my baby fisheye need sufficient sunlight/light. (Y)

i lovee this photo a lot :)

perfect fisheye :3

A day with sister at desa park :D

A day with darling at Frim :)

swim with his friends :D


indoor photo :D

You're all i see ; You're everything
I just wanna hold you,
I just wanna kiss you,
I just wanna love you all my life.

That;s what i wanna share for today, Bye folks! Have a lovely sunday xx


Pou Leen said...

I definitely like this one better than the previous one!

have always believed that navy blue and deep red's the best match- ever! keep it up!

Monster said...

aww, thank you so much pauline!! :Dxx

eminey626 said...

awwww!!! new background & header! nice nice nice!!! :DDD

Xue Ren said...

awww! awesome header! can teach me how to do it? =)

Monster said...

thanks thanks!! &sure xue ren :) just msg me or smt if you need some help

Yan said...

your new bluogtheme is awesome! :D

Monster said...

thanks miyan :D