Wednesday, February 25, 2009


hiak hiak hiak~
today rains heavily in da early morning
and i got no worry whether i'm goin to lewat or not :D
( 2 more time i gonna meet A-Lim O.O )

on the way to skul =)

having Chemistry, Maths and Pm paper todayy and i think everything go vv fine :)
just then, ngau's Pm paper kena rampas whn he meniru-ing :( he's too obvious lahh~!
and after skul went QM duty~!
its Bsb match :DD
i realised that its quite hard to do da catat-ing marks on da paper thr @@
rules rules rulesss!
da 1st n 2nd wan need some1 to assist me :D
thanks mr monkey and doraemon and oso laysim !

its raining during da 1st match

sze ham! HAHAHA

really O.O whn da match " Menjalara vs Maluri "!
super rude lahh them ><
and congrates to KB team!! :D
its 67-2! :O
KB team! :D

and about 7 back to skul @@
kemas-ing those stuff
and tat time left only
me, xing ti, seng yiao, sze ham
thanks us fer being so "wei da" thr :P

xingti~~ :D


Shumeen said...

KB team ROCKS!!

KahYee said...

KB teamm rocksss!!!

Jia Wei said...

this court last time we tugas ka? o.o