Friday, November 9, 2012


So when people ask me whether being in the White House has changed my husband, I can honestly say that when it comes to his character, and his convictions, and his heart, Barack Obama is still the same man I fell in love with all those years ago … And I didn’t think it was possible, but today, I love my husband even more than I did four years ago…even more than I did 23 years ago, when we first met. I love that he’s never forgotten how he started. - Michelle Obama

What can make a man talk like that in a public; 
What can make a woman fall in love more than once with the the same man? 

So beautiful :')  I truly believe in LOVE :)  May Lord bring me someone special to marry with in the future.

There you go humans :) Something to share with you in the rainy day to warm your heart.

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