Friday, July 24, 2009

Hey !

Dun Ever Judge A Book By Its Cover

dont just focus on the appearance,
smt u saw may not be the truth
smt u hear may not be the truth
keep your mouth shut if u dunno anything =)

A friend of mine having lots rumors bout him
saying his bad everywhr
i dont really dhk so?
i noe him since long time ago
wad he did have his own reason
people was saying he LC lahh, etcetc
he's not being LC but just,
he dun like to show his expression
especially to outsiders
can this be counted, he a LC one?

Another friend of mine,
having his own best boy friend
they spend most of their time with each other
& this made ppl saying they're GAY
why dont u say i & kahchuah & xingti & han & tine lessbian?
since we are so damm close?

Everyone has their own reason & thought to do things
U may not noe wats he or she doing
& it may seems bad on the surface
as long as themselves noe,
thats enough

i dun give a damn to those faker
let it be XD


Sammy said...

woah,sounds so angry! =D chill ..!

KahYee said...

No comment.
Chillllll anyway.

Monster said...

just writing~!! HAHA nothing else

ahkln said...

haha, if see lik tat i oso gt many galfren n boyfren lo, haha

T i N e said...

No comment on tis blog entry & tat person you mention .
Juz be alert anyway.
We dont want u to get hurt .

Jie Jiun said...

relax la! =)